[PlanetCCRMA] No sound from midi apps - what am I doing wrong?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Jan 18 16:29:01 2004

> OK, first of all I'm running Fedora Core 1 on an HP Pavilion with an
> Intel i810 sound card. Timidity works great, it actually plays midi
> files with sound. So I can create a midi file in Muse or Rosegarden and
> then play it with Timidity, but that seems awkward and unnecessary. When
> I start up Fluidsynth and Kaconnect, Fluidsynth shows up under "Writable
> Ports" and Rosegarden or whatever shows up under "Readable Ports", and
> there's even an arrow connecting them. So far so good. The only problem
> is, no actual sound. I click "play" in Rosegarden and the music scrolls
> across the screen and the notes lite up as if they were being played,
> but no sound. 

Did you assign the track's output to the software sampler? I just tried
to figure this out and I have it working (with fluidsynth connected to
jack and -m alsa_seq)

Right-click on the name of the track, go to the "MIDI soft synth" in the
pop-up and go to the first channel or device (or whatever it is). After
doing that playing the track is sending stuff to fluidsynth. 

-- Fernando