[PlanetCCRMA] Newbie with troubles!

Alex Timmer mijn_troep@yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 13:20:02 2004

 --- John Bjorne <amberfragment@hotmail.com> wrote: > I downloaded
Fedora Core onto my PC, set up a partition for it just
> fine, 
> etc. I have a Athlon processor running around 3200, 1 GB RAM, about
> 320 GIG 
> HD space, an Audigy Soundblaster EX2, and now several headaches. I
> connect 
> to the internet on my PC via a router made by SMC, a barricade
> cable.dsl 
> router (7004) using Knology.net, a local provider. I cannot get my
> Linux to 
> recognize any of the 4 SMC options! I have downloaded the planetccrma
> image 
> disks, burned them fine using a Mac (when I insert them I get a list
> of all 
> the rpm files and the various synth goodies) but I cannot for the
> life in me 
> figure out all the documentation of the planetccrma page!
> This is not the fault of the brave soul who documented all of this
> for us, 
> it is merely my ignorance. I'm too used to getting around in Windows
> and on 
> the Mac to be able to see past my nose. I had a couple of moments
> where I 
> thought I might have it (I started installing all the RPMS manually
> but quit 
> that after about an hour of figuring out I needed A to install B and
> so 
> forth) but now I'm at a loss. Should I try Red Hat 9 instead? Is
> there 
> anyway I can get the internet running? I called SMC and KNology but
> neither 
> one of them support Linux.
> Thanks for your time,
> John Bjorne.

hello John, 
i'm not exactly sure from your email what did and what did not work :)

1) if you have the planet ccrma discs burned you do not need the
internet. at least not to install all the lovely software. it obviously
will not solve your problem with linux not recognizing your router... 

2) planet CCRMA comes only *after* a normal Redhat / Fedora
installation. did you manage to get Fedora installed (even if without
the working internet)?? if yes, then it is just a matter of RTFD (Read
The Fantastic Documentation), every line of it, and you will enjoy your
audio/video programs in no-time.

3) if you are stuck at getting linux installed, make sure you can boot
from the installation cdrom or else create a bootfloppy. i still run
Redhat 9, but find the Redhat installators very user friendly.

i guess since Fedora is newer than RH9 it should have the bigger chance
of recognizing your router... 

normally one would not be manually installing rpm's to get the planet
ccrma applications  :)))   i'm not sure about your router, but i'm sure
that at least the planet-CCRMA applications can be running soon.

gr, ALEX

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