[PlanetCCRMA] remove oss modules question

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Wed Jan 7 12:31:02 2004

> Hi, Fernando and Mark:  Well, initially, I took reboot to mean restart.
> Just now, I decided reboot might mean shut down.  So, I shut down the
> computer, waited, then turned it on, loaded, and ran the command under
> root, /sbin/lsmod  . . . . and up popped three modules with oss in them.
> snd-pcm-oss
> snd-mixer-oss
> So, I will remove those two, then follow on with the alsaconf step
> again, right?
> Tom

   There are 3 kinds of sound modules that I think you need to be concerned

1) Alsa modules
2) Alsa OSS emulation modules
3) OSS sound modules

To the best of my knowledge all Alsa modules, whether for goup 1 or 2, would
use the designation 'snd'. None of these should cause you any problems and I
would recommend leaving all of them installed.

IIRC, the real OSS modules use the designation 'sound' in their names. These
modules will conflict with Alsa and should be removed if there are any
installed. I think most people don't have them since OSS is not Open source,
and I guess not free. If you are on RH8 and never purposely loaded OSS then
you most likely don't have anything to take out of modules.conf, but again,
as I suggested earlier, just post back the contents of modules.conf so we
can double check.

The most normal reason for not getting sound from Alsa is not unmuting the
right outputs and then turning up the volume on the right inputs and
outputs. I didn't see in your description where you had done that step, so I
write it now just to save time.

Another common reason on my machines is simply plugging the speakers into
the wrong output, or some other such user error, so double check that. The
emu10k1 is probably one of the more tested chipsets, so it's likely to be
something simple. (I hope.)

Any other message in dmesg or /var/log/messages we should know about?

- Mark