[PlanetCCRMA] rh9 or fedora

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Jan 4 11:48:02 2004

> I am new to Planet CCRMA.  I installed fedora core 1 linux (upgrade
> from rh8 which already had OSS and alsa installed) and ccrma packages,
> though it seems the planetccrma-audiovideoappspackage is not there or
> are some of the video apps.  Everything seemed to work with my SBLive
> card, but I subsequently tried to get my Steinberg midisport 2x2 to
> work.  This broke the sound card, which is still silent even after I
> removed changes for the midisport.
> My question is, should I wipe my Linux partition and start over with
> rh9 and wait for fedora to be complete or forge ahead with
> troubleshooting on fedora. 

In terms of sound support the kernel and alsa driver versions are the
same so it should not make a difference. Probably not worth to reinstall
rh9. Could you post the contents of your current /etc/modules.conf?

> I was hoping to use the video apps as well as the audio one.

The most important video editing apps are there (cinelerra, kino). Which
ones are you missing that are important for what you want to do?

> Also, I noticed that kernel 2.6 is now released.  How does this affect
> ccrma?

Eventually I'll move over to 2.6. I am not planning on jumping too soon.
I don't have fond memories of my transition here at CCRMA to early
versions of 2.4.x and 2.4.x is working fine for audio (so far). Of
course that does not mean that I will not provide some packages for the
adventurous :-)

-- Fernando