[PlanetCCRMA] Upgrading CCRMA without a net connection

Barton Bosch bartonbosch@HotPop.com
Fri Feb 20 21:30:02 2004

Matthew Allen wrote:

> 	I have been a happy CCRMA user for a couple of months now
> (fedora core, using the cdrom images). I don't have a net connection at
> home, but I have a very fast one at work (and employers who let me suck
> up as much bandwidth as I need). I have manually upgraded (or in PD's
> case just added) apps by downloading the rpm's and doing the old rpm
> -Uvh. This has worked great for stand alone apps (a couple of non CCRMA
> apps, like xfe have given me some grief but that's for a different
> list). I would like to upgrade to the latest jack and alsa stuff, but
> this is a bit more scary. I have a feeling both are pretty dependency
> heavy. If there was a way that I could download all of the latest rpm's
> without right-clicking one rpm at a time I would be a very happy fellah.
> 	Does anyone else do the planet this way? Tips/hints/pitfalls? I
> can't be the only one in the world without a decent at home net
> connection.

I have had to click each of the hyper links for the upgrades
to my Planet installation and as you point out, it is a drag.
I may be misinformed, but IIRC there is no FTP server for
the Planet.

I was considering putting together a list before hand and then
using wget to automatically download the files via http.
Still not as easy as "apt-get dist-upgrade" but better than
having to click every one of 50 updates.