[PlanetCCRMA] fedora core problems

Lawrie Abbott lawrieabbott@iinet.net.au
Sat Feb 14 03:14:01 2004

A couple of  problems with an  install yesterday on a Fedora Core machine.
Something I remember also happening with my RH9 machine...  building  
JACK  bails out during configure, complaining about no libasound.
I found on both machines if I  add a symlink ie ln -s libasound.so 
libasound.so.2  all is well. Both these machines are running CCRMA alsa 
pagages eg alsa-lib-1.0.1-1.cvs.rh90.ccrma

After getting the FC1 up I  tried out Rohan Drapes jack.udp (see link at 
end). It works quite well . I did a test playing alsaplayer thru jack 
via LAN  to FC1 machine and then thru jack back to RH9 machine. It  was 
suprisingly reliable. Although the crappy Intel8x0 sound  in the FC1 
machine wont let me change sample rate to 44100. So I have to run RH9 
machine @ 48000 and let alsaplayer deal with the rate changes (which it 
seems to do well).
During some testing I stopped JACK and it wouldn't restart. It seems FC1 
had just run  prelink as a daily.cron job (which doesnt happen on RH9) 
and this means that when attempting to run  jackd, the wrong md5sum is 
calculated and it refuses to start.
If  /usr/sbin/prelink -u /usr/bin/jackd is run then jackd is restored 
and it works again. Does anyone have a better solution for Fedora Core 
machines? or am I the only one seeing this?

Check out 
Also I have spec files for these utlities here

Lawrie Abbott