[PlanetCCRMA] Chasing my tail with ALSA

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Feb 12 18:24:01 2004

> Long day on the computer, because I (somehow, and don't ask me how...) 
> got ALSA out of configuration... let me give you the gory details:
> When my linux machine boots, I see: "Alsa driver already running", but 
> login on a silent desktop... no sounds at all for startup
> If I run alsaconf, I configure the sound (Soundblaster PCI512), and then 
> I can hear sounds.

What do you have in /etc/modules.conf?
Did you configure your mixer and save your mixer configuration?
If alsa activated to start on boot?

> If I start jack, jack says on start up that I'm using a software plug, 
> rather than hardware, but at this point, I seem to be able to use other 
> jack-dependent apps, like Ardour.

You should use the "hw" device, not the "default". In a SBLive, I think,
you will have to use a period of 512 or lower (not the default 1024). 

> Alsa Patchbay shows only my EMU10k1 sound card, and earlier today, it 
> actually showed my Midispaort 8x8/s (but that was way early this 
> morning...) now it shows only the PCI512 soundcard.

You have to configure (manually) alsa to use the two "cards". 

> Patchbay also says it could not connect to LADCCA

That's fine. 
-- Fernando