[PlanetCCRMA] cmucl and its core-files - unmet dependencies

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Feb 9 12:03:01 2004

>     FPL> BTW, I'm almost finished with a complete rework of the
>     FPL> CM/CLM/CMN world.  I will no longer use images but load
>     FPL> precompiled modules on startup.  Takes a bit longer but
>     FPL> seems to work around the problems that clm had sometimes
>     FPL> when starting from stored images.
> Also to use the approach in Ricks/Tobias' latest bin/cm.sh ?  Ive
> been using the cm.sh with clm and cmn work for some weeks, and
> with cmucl and guile as engines (inside xemacs), everything works
> nice.  And above all, it seems easy to hand to someone not very
> used to the system.  

I'm doing something similar but I'm not using the cm.sh script directly
(each package knows where things are so no probing is necessary). But I
just added compatibility links (thanks for the reminder) so that cm.sh
does load the cm binaries (which I'm storing in /usr/lib/cmucl/lib/cm/).

In my current scheme after you install cm-cmucl you type:
and you get the interpreter prompt with cm fully loaded. 
If you install the clm package (now separate) you can start clm alone
Now, if you have both cm and clm installed and install cm-clm-cmucl then
loads clm and then cm (and sets the cm package to use the clm package). 
Something similar is done with cmn. 
Or you could start /usr/bin/lisp and then type (require 'cm) to have it

-- Fernando