[PlanetCCRMA] cmucl and its core-files - unmet dependencies

Anders Vinjar anders.vinjar@notam02.no
Mon Feb 9 10:11:49 2004

    FPL> BTW, I'm almost finished with a complete rework of the
    FPL> CM/CLM/CMN world.  I will no longer use images but load
    FPL> precompiled modules on startup.  Takes a bit longer but
    FPL> seems to work around the problems that clm had sometimes
    FPL> when starting from stored images.

Also to use the approach in Ricks/Tobias' latest bin/cm.sh ?  Ive
been using the cm.sh with clm and cmn work for some weeks, and
with cmucl and guile as engines (inside xemacs), everything works
nice.  And above all, it seems easy to hand to someone not very
used to the system.  

    FPL> It will also include a recent cvs snapshot of cmucl
    FPL> (2003-12) which is also needed by Open Music (which I
    FPL> will release as soon as I get the CM/CLM/CMN world
    FPL> out). I was releasing on Friday when I noticed a problem
    FPL> with upgrades from previous versions.

Looking forward to use some time with this.