[PlanetCCRMA] "Heather, my love- there's a new sherrif (TV program) in town."

Brian Fahrlander fedora-list@redhat.com
Sun Feb 8 13:26:10 2004

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    I've been following the likes of xawtv and zapping for years.  The
number of options available from the TV capture cards, the different tv
standards and all that make a really nice, solid TV-watching program
something that always *almost* works.

    Then came "tvtime". (http://tvtime.sourceforge.net)

    Let me be clear about this: I respect and value the long-running
efforts of the folks that make xawtv and zapping, but there's a time you
just have to stand back and let someone else take over.  See also:
Netscape versus (galeon|epiphany|atlantis|your-choice-here).

     Tvtime is, without a doubt, the most useful effort along these
lines.  The frequencies are all right (as far as I can tell with NTSC),
the channel-changing is _elegant_ with it's on-screen menu-driven
controls, "analog" resize, video processing (chroma-keying for b&w tv,
MIRRORING the TV display!) and so much more that I can't BELIEVE it's
just now showing up...how'd they make it do all these 'holy grail'
things that the other guys have been working on for so long?

    I'm saying this here because I couldn't find an email address for
someone at the site to thank'em!

    Try "tvtime": you'll love it!  It's available by yum (an maybe apt?)
on Dag's repo. =20


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