[PlanetCCRMA] pd alsa jack midi

Tim Moody timmoody@sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 8 12:40:47 2004

Using pd was a major motivation to install ccrma, but I'm having some 
difficulties getting started.  The ccrma on rhfc1 install should be up to 
date as I did an upgrade several days ago.

I start pd with either -jack or -alsa (I've tried both) and no other 
command line arguments.  I start jack with jackstart -R -d alsa -d 
hw.  Card is SBlive with front ports (live drive).

No Midi

pd doesn't seem to see any midi devices.  Both jack and alsa patch bays 
report raw midi i/o (emu10k1 mpu), and wave table midi output (emu10k1 wave 
table ports 0 - 3).  Before I reinstalled everything, the oss drivers could 
see the front panel midi ports.


fluidsynth <soundfont file> work and a noteon 1 60 120 command results in 
middle c sounding in a piano voice.  However a patch in pd connected to 
fluid~ sending the same message produces no sound.

What I really wanted to do

What I am really looking for is functionality like Max which allows you to 
play multiple midi sequences and merge incoming midi with the events in the 
midi file.

Thanks for any help,