[PlanetCCRMA] qjackctl (was: xmms-jack 0.7)

kevin ernste kevine@esm.rochester.edu
Thu Feb 5 17:38:01 2004

> I wasn't necessarily going to respond, but sort of prefer Kevin's
> idea
> actually. Please keep in mind there are at least 3 ways we work with
> all of
> these tools:
> 1) command line
> 2) From a prebuilt menu in environments like KDE
> 3) From more hand tuned menus like those in fluxbox

Once of the great things about linus is I don't think we'll have to
choose :) The main reason I responded was I liked Fernando's core idea
of using qjackctl as the launch point for jack clients.

I think of JACK as a sort of macro version of PD, a modular audio
toolkit but with clients instead of objects and can't help but picture
qjackctl as the ideal control center for JACK, a place to create JACK
"patches" out of available clients.

My imagined control center is much like qjackctl having a connections
tool, a mixer/meterbridge, a transport control, and perhaps a little
GUI 'patcher' environment (I'm picturing a PD or even Reaktor-like
version of the current patchbay), as well as having a place to initiate
and connect available JACK clients.

Anyway, great idea, Fernando, and thanks to Rui for qjackclt.


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