[PlanetCCRMA] qjackctl (was: xmms-jack 0.7)

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Thu Feb 5 13:46:02 2004

> >
> > Or maybe a separate small program?
> >   qjackctl-client ardour
> While you're asking this, would it be possible/desireable to simply do
> the execution from _within_ qjackctl, say with a drop-down menu of
> available jack clients?  In other words, are there plans to make the
> whole "client as plugin" model more explicit by simply launching jack
> client apps as needed from within a central server/controller (I
> suppose this is something rolled into the LADCCA project but not yet
> implemented)?  After all, many clients are functionless without jack
> running, making there presence individually in a GNOME/KDE menu
> somewhat confusing.
> My students frequently inform me that such-and-such app is broken, only
> to have me tell them that it was a jack-only tool they were trying to
> use.  I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere, but I have come to
> really like qjackctl and would love to see it become even more central.
> Kevin

I wasn't necessarily going to respond, but sort of prefer Kevin's idea
actually. Please keep in mind there are at least 3 ways we work with all of
these tools:

1) command line
2) From a prebuilt menu in environments like KDE
3) From more hand tuned menus like those in fluxbox

As a fluxbox user I like the idea of being able to just use qjackctl to kick
off an app. If the server's not running, then qjackctl can either start it
(not my preference) or tell me to. (My preference.) If I could set up *my*
Jack apps in qjackctl, I could then have different options, like alsaplayer
and Jack running to my on-board sound chip vs. to my HDSP. (I use these two
for TOTALLY different reasons - on-board to play CDs and browse the web,
HDSP to preview work.)

Anyway, I completely agree that the more qjackctl becomes the center of my
use of Jack the happier I'll be. I only do command lines 2-3 times before I
program them in my menus anyway.