[PlanetCCRMA] 1GB memory difficult

Eli Cantu eli@then7.com
Mon Feb 2 14:13:01 2004


I'm fairly certain you are having a hardware issue.

Many motherboards cannot handle all their dimm slots filled with large banks of

Example:  You have a motherboard with 3 dimm slots.  Using two 512Mb dimms,
everything works fine.  Using three 512Mb dimms results in certain apps failing
or locking the machine.

Why certain apps? Some apps hammer the bus harder.

Sometimes mixing brands of dimms can be a problem. Some motherboards just aren't
able to use every dimm slot, period.

I've tested many systems with this problem.  They pass memtest86, but fail on
certain apps.  Sometimes increasing the voltage to the memory helps (rarely).

When desiring a system with a gig of ram (or more), it's best to architect your
system from the start with those goals.

Anandtech has many motherboard roundups, where he will test ram stability issues
 on motherboards by running tests on fully populated dimm slots.


So when desiring large quantities of ram, careful selection of motherboard,
using matched dimms (they sell them in twin packs), and looking for posted
success stories of EXACT configurations are helpful.

Being able to go to Newegg.com and ordering the exact part numbers, in the end,
is the only way to go.

Run memtest anyway, see if you have any obvious failures.  Try changing the
order of your dimms.

good luck.


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