[PlanetCCRMA] compiling one's own kernel

Noel Bush noel@x-31.com
Mon Feb 2 10:27:01 2004

What would it be worth, for any given user of planetccrma, to fine-tune
and recompile the kernel available through this channel (after selecting
the appropriate one for one's architecture, of course)?  I mean, would
it be potentially worth it (in any sense: performance, memory usage,
etc.) to go through the kernel configuration process and, for instance,
remove items pertaining to hardware one doesn't have?  Or are the
various versions already provided already as "custom" as one would
reasonably need to go?

I know this is kind of a general linux question, but I'd be interested
to hear comments on it (esp. from Fernando) with respect to what's
available via planetccrma.

As always, thanks for the amazing, high quality resource!