[PlanetCCRMA] 1GB memory difficult

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Feb 2 09:48:01 2004

> my tragic linux voyage continues. As fluidsynth complained I had too 
> little memory I went and invested (a lot of) results of hard working 
> money into buying the remaining memory slots full with DDR memory. I 
> now have 1 GB of RAM and I thought life would become easier.
> Now the PC hangs when I start qjackqtl. The Caps lock and Scroll lock 
> leds start blinking, but thats all. The leds blink, but the PC is 
> otherwise unresponsive. Mouse does not move, keyboard is not adhered 
> to, and so on.

Those are the symptoms of a kernel oops. The kernel is deeply unhappy
about something (hardware and/or software), discovers an internal
consistency error, decides that it is safer to do nothing and halts the
machine. If you look at /var/log/messages after you reboot you should
see a message with a stack trace. 

> Any clues why this might be happening? Previously I was runnign 400 MB 
> of RAM and everything run smoothly, except fluidsynth.

Could be hardware (bad memory?) or a software problem with a driver for
your motherboard. You could try to see what happens if you run the
RedHat capabilities enabled kernel instead of the Planet CCRMA kernel
and, of course, test the memory as Steve suggested. 

-- Fernando