[PlanetCCRMA] added: planet ho ho ho!

Matthew Allen Matthew Allen <mtallen@gmail.com>
Sun Dec 26 09:05:02 2004

Fernando, I have this up and running and its going well on my FC3
partition, I was wondering though, I have pretty much the exact same
kernel on my gentoo partition and I would be interested in making them
as similar as possible. Is there any way to grab just the rtirq and
the rtload stuff? My google search for rtirq gave me Bernhard Kuhn's
kernel patch, but I am hesitant to add this to my kernerl without know
if it is realy what you are using (my rtload searches gave me nothing

thanks for th great holiday gift!

On 24 Dec 2004 13:20:29 -0800, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
<nando@ccrma.stanford.edu> wrote:
> You may notice that planetccrma-core now installs two additional tiny
> packages (rtirq and rtload). The first one, courtesy of Rui Nuno Capela
> (thanks!), tries to assign reasonable priorities to the IRQ threads of
> the realtime patched kernel. Important if you want good low latency
> performance. The second automatically loads the realtime kernel module
> so that Jack can be used as a non-root user (the realtime module has
> been updated to the latest version available so it is now called
> "realtime", not "realcap", and the "allcaps" option is no longer
> available - for that use "any=1" as a load option, the default).