[PlanetCCRMA] dssi vst

Shayne O'Connor machine@machinehasnoagenda.com
Wed Dec 15 22:18:02 2004

hi all

just thought i'd drop a line to say i've just compiled and installed
dssi and the dssi-vst wrapper - and so far things look good ... have
been able to run all the plugins i was able to under jack_fst but with
the added bonus that i can now enable memory lock when running jack ...

it works in muse beautifully (though i've only played around for a
half-hour or so) and even get's a proper name, rather than just the
generic "plugin" or whatever that you get with jack_fst. plus, all the
other stuff you get with dssi looks alright (though i wasn't able to
compile the fluidsynth plugin).

is it true that dssi is in the pipeline on the planet?


fedora core 2 
wine 20041201
xfce 4.2rc2
asus a7n8x-x m/b
80 gb western digital caviar h/d
512mb generic ram
nvidia geforce mx400 agp 8x v/c
soundblaster live 5.1 platinum