[PlanetCCRMA] SuSE Live Audio CD Jealousy: Matthias Nagorni's QMidiControl & QMidiControl

Christian Frisson theremin@free.fr
Tue Dec 14 01:26:01 2004


Delighted by Agnula's DeMuDi Live CD 1.1.1 one year ago, I was eager to get my
hands on the latest SUSE live distro, to discover unraven apps easily, already
installed and configured. QMidiRoute is the simple app I've always been
searching for under Windows, to play two different sounds from one keyboard.
But what if I want to run it straight from my fave distro?

So I got my hands on the latest tarballs (qmidiroute-0.2.1, qmidicontrol-0.0.1b)
from Matthias' page:

For both of them, I modified the first line of make_qmidi*:

Then typed:
cp make_qmidi* Makefile
(Note that I've never learnt so far anything else than ./configure; make; su -c
"make install"...)

And at last thrashed anything from the source dirs but the example config file
and binaries, the latter having been relocated:
su -c "mv qmidi* /usr/bin/"
su -c "chmod a+rwx /usr/bin/qmidi*"

Neat! Thanks Matthias!

I guess the QMidiArp RPM package will meet his new neighbors shortly ,-)