[PlanetCCRMA] Re: OT - General FC2/RPM/apt question

Barton Bosch bartonbosch@SoftHome.net
Fri Dec 10 22:33:05 2004

Mark Knecht wrote:
> On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 08:57:53 -0800, Brad Fuller <brad@sonaural.com> wrote:


> yum update appoears different from apt-get update. From yum's man page:
> update If run without any packages, update will update every currently
>               installed  package.  
> So this really does an update of the system. It's more like apt-get
> update;apt-get dist-upgrade.

To refresh the list of packages available on the repositories you 
have in yum.conf use:

# yum check-update

> I've never used yum before yesterday so I could be completely hosed on
> this. I'm just reading the man page. However the Redhat Update  app in
> the bottom right of KDE/Gnome us using yum under the hood so I've been
> looking at the commands it wants to run and then seeing that the
> packages it updates show up in Synaptic. They all seem to tie
> together.

I don't have any tech know-how on rpm, apt or yum but I've always
assumed that they use the same basic rpm database on the local
system to know which packages are installed, calculate dependencies
and so on.

Fernando, what's the story with DAG, Freshrpms and the Planet 
coordinating RPMs?  RPMForge or something?