[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Removing apps after doing the audiovideo

Andrew Burgess aab@cichlid.com
Thu Dec 9 12:54:01 2004

>> Like Mark, there are some 
>> components I'd like to dump, but I'm a bit nervous about losing track of 
>> things. For instance, I'd like to upgrade to the latest JACK in order to 
>> test some new things in Ardour, but I'm pretty sure Synaptic is going to 
>> tell me that I'll have to dump a long list of other items if I want to 
>> remove Planet C's JACK.

>Ah, that is different. You can't really remove a component that is
>needed by other components (so that you can install your own by hand).
>Synaptic won't let you without first erasing all the packages that
>depend on it (to keep the dependencies fine). In the case of Jack a fair
>number of them... 

I assume you want to compile the newer package and not install a newer rpm.

What I do in this case is just install the new version on top of the old
version (IOW let my newer /usr/bin/foo replace the existing /usr/bin/foo) This
will cause rpm -V to fail but none of the rpm programs (apt, etc) can figure it
out. Just make sure when you run configure you use the correct prefix, usually
you want "/usr" and not the common default "/usr/local"

Installing your newer version in /usr/local is more problematic in my experience.

To undo it just reinstall the orig rpm.

Hack city, I know, but sometimes you need a hack...