[PlanetCCRMA] Re: updated: liblo, jamin; added: sooperlooper

Robert Epprecht epprecht@solnet.ch
Wed Dec 8 11:56:01 2004

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU> writes:

> On Tue, 2004-12-07 at 23:48, Robert Epprecht wrote:
>> Thanks a lot, Fernando.
>> Unfortunatly JAMin 0.9.17 still segfaults on my Planet FC1 installation...
> Strange, I just booted into my fc1 hard disk (in my laptop) to check,
> dist-upgraded, and jamin is apparently happy. Could you take a look at
> the libraries it is linking to in your machine (and the relevant
> packages)?
> ldd /usr/bin/jamin|awk '{print $1}'|xargs rpm -q
> --whatprovides|sort|uniq

[output snipped] 

I do get exactly the same output.
How do I 'look at the relevant packages' now?

BTW: Is there an easy way to check the sanity of my hole installation?