[PlanetCCRMA] Re: compiling liblo for sooperlooper

mjnoble not8ohm@iinet.net.au
Tue Dec 7 08:29:01 2004

hi christian

yes, I've been wanting to try out SooperLooper for a good time, 
especially after having to part with my EDP, but haven't had much luck 
configuring a stable system and being able to leave it as a dedicated 
linux learner.  I recently aquired some surplus machines though suitable 
for making into dedicated EDP/SooperLooper boxes.

Christian Frisson wrote:

>Why do you start jack as root? Is it really compulsory?
>How do you start SooperLooper: by typing "sooperlooper" or "slgui" on a
>Do you run jack and SooperLooper both from the same user (either you or root)?
no, I've  just been in the habit of opening a terminal from the 
superuser file manager window.   

To get everything working I recompiled sooperlooper using the same 
prefix variable as the successful liblo compile, and I guess it put 
everything in the right place as now it goes.  Just fire up qjackctl and 
then "slgui &" from a local user terminal.  Have to say that I'm fairly 
impressed with the performance and stability of SooperLooper, and am 
just blown away at getting reliable 5ms latency on 5 year old surplus 


ps: thanks to fernando of course for maintaining ccrma, without which, I 
wouldn't have ventured far into linux audio territory...