[PlanetCCRMA] Jamin segfaults

Robert Epprecht epprecht@solnet.ch
Sat Dec 4 23:51:01 2004

I have a Planet CCRMA FC1 installation, which I didn't change in any way
other then doing 'apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade' every now and then.
Now I have problems starting jamin and would appreciate some help.

This is what I see:
As I have a RME hdsp with multiface I start 'hdsploader' to load firmware.
I start X.
qjackctrl   # I verify settings and start Jack
# At this point I can start Ardour and record/playback just fine.

Jamin 0.9.0
Segmentation fault

As I am new to jamin I'm not absolutely sure that it did work before,
but I seem to remember that I have tried it out after installing.

I had similar problems with ardour some weeks ago. Ardour stopped working
from one day to the other. It was fixed by removing and re-installin Ardour.
So maybe it has nothing to do with jamin, but with problems in my system?
Unfortunatedly removing/re-installing did not help in the case of jamin.

Suggestions very welcome.
Robert Epprecht