[PlanetCCRMA] 2.6 kernel; jack, ecasound

Matt Barber brbrofsvl@aol.com
Fri Aug 27 18:58:00 2004

I'm using jack a lot with very little trouble.  I'm having only two

1. If I ever start jack as root, I can not subsequently restart qjackctl
as a user.  I get no error messages except "Could not connect to JACK
server as client."  Jackstart and jackd, when started from a shell, just
hang until I kill them.  Is this common?  Any idea what's causing it, or
is it perhaps even deliberate?

It also looks like ecasound can't talk to jack when jack is in realtime
mode.  I get this message:

cannot lock down memory for RT thread (Cannot allocate memory)
Cannot temporarily set client to RT scheduler: Operation not permitted
(audioio-jack-manager) Error! Cannot active client!

Is there a way to allow ecasound to use rt without using sudo?  This is
for pedagogical purposes, so it's important that we use it in
conjunction with meterbridge and other jack apps.