[PlanetCCRMA] Regarding NoteEdit, Finale, and rumor

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Fri Aug 27 04:50:03 2004


  I wrote to Joerg Anders, the author of NoteEdit, and he confirmed that 
he is leaving off development of NoteEdit. Though I disagree with his 
assessment of a possible Linux Finale, it's certainly his right to stay 
with or go away from the helm of NoteEdit development, and he can use 
any reason he prefers.

  I have *no* confirmation regarding any Linux development at all from 
Coda Music, the manufacturers of Finale. Unless someone knows more, I'd 
say it's an unfounded rumor. I've read that some users have run Finale 
under Wine: I can get it to open but it doesn't work after that.

  There's some discussion whether to keep it in AGNULA and whether 
AGNULA members might want to take over the development of NE. I realize 
that NE has some possibly irritating dependencies, but I must add that 
it is a unique Linux music notation editor with a well-evolved set of 
features and an active user base.

  I'm uneasy about the implications that mere rumor compelled Joerg to 
abandon NE, though as I said, I respect Joerg's wishes and his 
accomplishments with regard to NE. I'm confused as to why Finale's 
presence might force a developer to consider his own work a closed case. 
After all, Finale is expensive, closed-source, and not necessarily 
suited to everyone's work methods. NE is free software, open-source, and 
works nicely for me. I would hate to see it disappear.

  Joerg said that since sources are available anyone can continue with 
NE development. I hope that happens.

Best regards,