[PlanetCCRMA] New User: FC1 Install (booting) Problems and possible solutions

Louis Lam lshoujun@yahoo.com
Thu Aug 26 19:42:01 2004

> My guess is that the ccrma kernel is detecting the
> drives in a different
> order and/or naming them differently than the
> original redhat kernel
> that was used to install fc1. 
> Exactly what drives do you currently have attached
> to the system? On
> which one do you have fc1 installed? Also, if you
> have multiple installs
> and/or multiple drives it may be possible to confuse
> the boot process
> (depending on how the installs were done). 

Currently, I have 2 Disks attached to my system:

The first disk is a normal ide disk, detected as
/dev/hda during the installation process of FC1. The
OS is installed onto one of the partitions on this
disk /dev/hda2.

The Second disk is a SATA disk. Detected as /dev/sda.
No FC1 elements were installed onto this disk, i
intend to make it a storage for audio data.

> Could you send a few more lines before the point
> where the system hangs?

My linux skills are abit rusty, didn't touch this OS
for quite a while. As for capturing the kernel boot
time messages any advice? so that i can send the
bootup messages up to the point where it hangs and I
have to push reset button.

All i can tell you now is that i do notice that the
boot process hangs right after a line that says:

hde: attached ide-disk driver

I don't suppose I have a hde on my system.

Thanks a lot,

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