[PlanetCCRMA] pd & midi

abi zerogrado@virgilio.it
Sun Aug 22 14:04:01 2004

Oded Ben-Tal a écrit :

>I'm trying to get pd working with midi. I'm running RH9 with an audio 
>Quattro sound card (which has midi in-out). Currently pd doesn't recognise 
>any midi devices. 
You should try to use pd with jack
first start jack
type in a console "pd -jack -midiindev 1 -midioutdev 1" 
pd mididev starts at  1 and not at 0
if you audio4 is card-0 the  midiin/outdev is  1.
It works on my machine even if in pd midi setting window I don't see any 
device, if you need more than
one midi in/out: just comma separated numbers (-midiindev 1,2,3).

>I never worked with midi before so I presume I need to setup midi 
>correctly first (but how?).
I think that snd-usb-audio module manages also midi. I didn't configure 
anything and it works.


>thanks for any advise,
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