[PlanetCCRMA] Mozilla Update?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Aug 21 18:43:01 2004

On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 16:33, Barton Bosch wrote:
> I just updated to Moz 1.4.2 from the CCRMA repo via apt (on a clean 
> install of CCRMA for RH9) and I have a couple of comments/questions.
> First, most of the preferences that I set in Moz and Moz Mail do not 
> seem to be functioning in 1.4.2 whereas they worked with the previous 
> unupdated version (1.4.1?). 
> Is there some reason why all the RH 9 Mozilla RPMs on the net are 
> 1.4.2?  

Those packages are the original redhat 9 update packages (coming from
RedHat itself). I do not include recent updates for mozilla and other
apps, I focus almost exclusively on audio/video apps...

> The latest stable is Moz 1.7.2 .  I have since installed 1.7.2 
> via the mozilla installer, and it seemed to go smoothly, but the lack of 
> recent versions being packaged makes me wonder if there is something 
> that isn't obvious to me.

There are other repositories that have more recent versions of mozilla
and other non-audio apps (I don't know precisely which one has them, you
could try Freshrpms, Dag or Atrpms). 

> Uh, and what is the deal with the separate Moz Mail, Moz NSPR and Moz 
> NSS RPMs for the Planet?  Is that due to some detail of their packaging 
> or do I need to download tar balls of NSPR and NSS to have a complete, 
> secure Mozilla 1.7.2 install?  From what I could tell by poking around 
> the Mozilla site it looked like the separate NSPR and NSS tar balls were 
> strictly for developing software that recycles the Mozilla/NS code.  
> Does any one know what exactly the situation is here?

At least for the packages you have, RedHat make the packaging decisions
so I can't really comment on them. 

> As always, thanks for your packaging and coordination of all the great 
> Planet software.

-- Fernando