[PlanetCCRMA] rosegarden audio

Greg George greg@gmconsult.com
Thu Aug 19 02:43:02 2004

(Sorry for the duplicate posting, it seems spamassassin was catching my 
ccrma mail, I wondered why I hadn't been getting it.  I want to make
sure I get this one.)

I visited Standford and Fernando a couple of weeks ago.  It was a great
pleasure to meet him, and I give many thanks for the great work he
does.  He recommended the Delta 1010, which I got, the SCSI version.  I
have been able to get midi working flawlessly, but am having trouble
recording audio.  Jack is started, and I followed the instructions from
the excellent tutorial to tweak Jack for the lowest latency. 
Unfortunately, the tutorial stops on the recording audio section.  It
acts like it's recording, but there are no levels in the mixer, and just
a flat line on the track.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Greg George