[PlanetCCRMA] RME versus Steinberg HDSP

mjnoble not8ohm@iinet.net.au
Thu Aug 12 00:00:01 2004

Thanks mark for your answer.

If there are any HDSP 9652 users reading this who would like to share
their experiences it would be much appreciated.  I will probably buy the
card but it would be of interest to see how many Planeteers are using it



Mark Knecht wrote:

> Never used the Steinberg card but a friend who manages the GC here in 
> San Jose told me it's the same as the RME card.
> FYI - I could never get my HDSP 9652 to work correctly under Linux and 
> moved it to a Windows box where it and I are much happier with each 
> other. I think others have had some better luck. Get an update from 
> happy users before you go down the path I went down with that card.
> Cheers,
> Mark