[PlanetCCRMA] RME versus Steinberg HDSP

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Wed Aug 11 11:45:01 2004

Never used the Steinberg card but a friend who manages the GC here in 
San Jose told me it's the same as the RME card.

FYI - I could never get my HDSP 9652 to work correctly under Linux and 
moved it to a Windows box where it and I are much happier with each 
other. I think others have had some better luck. Get an update from 
happy users before you go down the path I went down with that card.


mjnoble wrote:
> hi folks,
> After tinkering for many a year I finally have some money to invest in a 
> new soundcard to get a dedicated linux audio machine up and running.  I 
> have been offered a Steinberg Nuendo HDSP 9652 card pretty cheap, but am 
> unsure if this will work play nice with the ALSA drivers for the 
> standard RME HDSP 9652.  As far as I can tell, the Steinberg card is 
> just a rebadged RME HDSP, but I can't be sure.  Can anyone on the list 
> verify this?  I searched the ALSA archives but didn't come up with 
> anything.  The following by Fernando got me worried there might be more 
> to it than simple rebadging;
>> sometimes RME will release a new version of the card and it will
>> take a while for the new pci id to be supported by ALSA.
> although the steinberg website just directs visitors to the RME website 
> for PC and Mac drivers so again there can't be any major hardware 
> differences.  Anybody know anything more about the Steinberg cards?
> cheers
> Michael Noble
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