[PlanetCCRMA] cinelerra + alsa = Segfault

rob switzer rman@pa.net
Tue Aug 10 09:49:01 2004


	I'm running the latest planet releases of both cinelerra and alsa and
I'm able to load up an audio file in Cinelerra and play it using the
alsa driver. The sound quality doesn't seem that good -- there are more
pops and clicks than with the default OSS driver.

	I'm using a Dell M50 w/the onboard audio.

	I also tried jacklaunch with Cinelerra, with no success -- Cinelerra
will open, but no audio will play.

hope this helps ...

rob switzer

> Hi,
> Just curious if anyone is having success using
> Cinelerra with the Alsa driver. It Segfaults for me.
> ron
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