[PlanetCCRMA] aeolus stoped working after update

Gregory D. Weber gdweber@indiana.edu
Sun Aug 8 18:05:02 2004

I also can report that aeolus (aeolus-0.2.1-1.rhfc1.ccrma with
aeolus-stops-0.0.9-1.rhfc1.ccrma) on my FC1 is mostly working.
(The previous version of it did not.)

However, the reference to ~/.aeolusrc puzzles me.
I can't find any documentation on aeolus, either in the rpm
or on the author's web site.  

When I click on the "save" button, I get this:
  Unable to open '/usr/share/aeolus/stops/aeolusrc' for writing 
Of course, it can't write there because I am not operating as root.
But why is it trying to?

If I can create an ~/.aeolus outside of Aeolus, with a text editor,
what should go in it?

Also, does anybody know what the other buttons in the bottom two rows
of the Aeolus window do?  I've figured out a few -- Midi, Tuning,
Audio, and Midi off -- and Save, sort of -- but what to do with
Memory, Prev, Next, and Preset?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano <nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU> writes:

> On Fri, 2004-07-30 at 22:44, Axel Müller wrote:
> > did anyone else have this problem? After updating aeolus yesterday, it isn't 
> > usable anymore: I start aeolus with "-J" and connect it to alsa_pcm in 
> > qjackctl, it checks for the samples (or whatever, it blinks...) and than it 
> > starts to peep at a terrible high pitch. 
> No, I did not see this on RH9 and FC2 (that's where I tested). On which
> version do you see the problem? Make sure that the stops were also
> updated (should aeolus-stops == 0.0.9). I assume that jack is working
> fine for other apps...
> If there is an .aeolusrc in your home I would erase it or move it
> somewhere else just in case there is some problem with it. 
> -- Fernando
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