[PlanetCCRMA] audio plays faster

Justin H Haynes Justin@Haynes.net
Thu Aug 5 12:59:02 2004

I had something similar happen in FC1.  I was using one of the two
soundcards I had configured in alsa.  The onboard card was an AC97
compliant one.

I think I'm remembering this correctly, but I can't be sure: I was
playing a song in xmms with the OSS output plugin.  So oss emulation was
being used although alsa was doing the work.

Anyways I would try this:

1 - Try with and without jack on applications that will allow you to do
2 - just like the other reply, you should probably try different sample
rates, though twice the speed is a little extreme...
3 - how many bits in your samples?  Probably not that.
4 - do you have an extra soundcard you can try?

Also with regard to file formats etc, maybe there is some FPU weirdness?
Try converting your mp3 to .wav and playing the wav.  (have to get
mpg123 or mpg321.  I think play will also do it)  Then use play to play
the wav.  Many many applications can handle the wav.  You could import
to ardour and play from there and see if there is a difference.  It
would be intelligent about resampling.

Just some ideas.  Hope this helps.


Message: 7
Date: Thu,  5 Aug 2004 11:29:22 -0300
From: "luciorgomes" <luciorgomes@uol.com.br>
To: "planetccrma" <planetccrma@ccrma.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: [PlanetCCRMA] audio plays faster

I'm using FC2. When I play a mp3 or a
flac song in xmms or Midi (tested in
Hydrogen) my system reproduces it
something like twice as faster then
the real time of them. My clock runs
ok. What can be wrong?