[PlanetCCRMA] Distribution choice, questions

Andrea Glorioso sama@miu-ft.org
Wed Aug 4 11:16:29 2004


>>>>> "H" == H T Hind <hirh@comcast.net> writes:

    > Hi, I've been a user of Planet CCRMA for some time but as we
    > prepare for services based on some of the sound apps like
    > JACK,ecasound , one thing concerns me is the choice of
    > distribution. It seems that Fedora seems to be evolving much too
    > fast to do any kind of production application. My question is
    > what is the recommendation for a stable distribution that has
    > the features of Planet CCRMA - alsa, JACK, ecasound and other
    > sound apps ? We're looking to deploy PC based solutions and
    > would rather not go through the 3 monthly upgrade cycle. The
    > emphasis is on stability rather than cutting edge. Would DeMudi
    > be a good choice ?

I think the best option   is to send a   list of your requirements  to
users@lists.agnula.org (specifying that you want  to be Cc:()ed on the
replies, if you are not subscribed to the mailing list) so that we can
try to understand what your best choice is.

Setting Mail-Followup-To: to users@lists.agnula.org; feel free to keep
both lists in Cc:  if you think  it's useful -  I think it's  not, but
YANMMV (Your And Nando's Mileage Might Vary).

P.S.: sorry for replying so late, I've been quite busy lately.


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