[PlanetCCRMA] fc1 and omlinux

Panayiotis Kokoras p.kokoras@lycos.com
Sun Aug 1 00:54:02 2004

Hello all,

I installed fc1 and the planet ccrma iso CDs in order to make use of the "Open Music for Linux", but it seems I am not lucky enough. 
After installing the omlinux rpm and activating MidiShare module all from the Planet CCRMA CD I got:

[root@localhost root]# omlinux
/usr/bin/omlinux: line 41:  3954 Segmentation fault      $LISP $LISP_ARGUMENTS -load $OMHOME/bootstrap-linux.lisp -load $CMUCL_GTK -load $OMHOME/screamer.x86f -load $OMHOME/openmusic.x86f $PROJECTS_TO_LOAD -load $OMHOME/init-linux.lisp
[root@localhost root]#

Is there any way to run OM?


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