[PlanetCCRMA] The Linux FreeVSTi Compatibility List

Christian Frisson theremin@free.fr
Wed Apr 28 04:34:01 2004

Hi all,

Initially posting on Tim Orford's Linux VST Compatibility Page, my quest has
been to test all Win-only FreeVSTi's featured on the K-v-R database under Linux
thanks to some of Kjetil Matheussen's apps and to report the way they work in my
language, to speed up things a bit!

I've posted the list on the K-v-R forum:

Because that's where i've found most of the plugins:

Alternatively, until the nodes change while I update my bookmarks, you can
browse all links to devs there:

Let me quote one of the first answers to the thread: "The stuck notes in some SE
VSTi are most likely due to CK's Unison modules that are a little twitchy."

Have your copy saved on a text file, so that you can emulate a database search.
Ex: getting all interesting working plugins among all plugins stored on a text
file named "VSTi":
cat VSTi | grep ': W!'

Do you want to practise your french?