[PlanetCCRMA] Planet newbie EMI 2|6 usb audio cluelessness

Jorma R rjorma@jippii.fi
Tue Apr 13 23:57:01 2004


    I followed the directions on setting up usb sound cards- added
    "usb-midi" and "audio" to my hotplug/blacklist and "snd-usb-audio", etc
    to my modules.conf. "snd-usb-audio" loads OK when i start alsa and the

I also added and-usb-audio to the blacklist for my emi 6|2m.

    2|6 lights up when i plug it in, but "snd-usb-audio" remains unused.

Which lights come up? The red one indicating the firmware being loaded 
and green ones after that?

    I noticed a firmware loader in drivers/usb/ called emi26.c so I thought
    support for this particular interface would be compiled directly into
    the kernel but modprobe can't find it.

Have a look whether you have emi26.o 

If you do - the driver has been built as a module. Try saying modprobe 
emi26 when the card is connected.

I am not really an expert with module configurations but this helped 
when testing the 6|2m for the first time.

What do you have in /proc/asound/ when the emi is connected?

You should have card0 and card1 when the emi driver has been properly loaded.


>#-- keep modules from being autocleaned -- >options snd major=116 
cards_limit=4 device_mode=0666

I believe you should have cards_limit=2 here as you have 2 cards configured.

Hopefully this helps.



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