[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Stuttering via HDSP, Cardbus, Multiface?

Jonathan Segel jsegel@magneticmotorworks.com
Fri Apr 9 15:15:02 2004

i just tried to set my laptop to use the cardbus multiface hdsp as 
well, and am experiencing... um... horrendous sound? i guess this is 
the same problem. it's not stuttering, but sounds like output is 
being modulated at some nasty middle frequency. sound is constant 
(for example zyn's output makes constant notes, but the pitches are 
noisily distorted by overmodulation by some audio-rate frequency). is 
this the same problem or am i experiencing some other thing..? the 
hdspmixer shows visible spikes on channel out 7 and analog 1 
occaisonally, i think when xruns happen if i do somethign involving 
the screen, like moving a mouse or a window around.
my cardbus is on irq 10 with the 1394 controller (which i am not 
using) but i have acpi enabled on 9 (where the intel82801 audio is). 
i guess acpi is just getting in the way? i thought it would be kind 
of necessary on the laptop to keep things cool and all.. should i bag 

>There are two types of PCMCIA slots: type I and type II. My guess is
>that Type II has double bandwidth, and therfore is the only one which is
>suitable for the HDSP. I also have an HDSP, and I can confirm that only
>one slot works with it, the one which 'cat /proc/interrupts' and 'lspci
>-v' reports as a Type II, irregardless of IRQ.

can't tell from my output.. TI PCI1410 PC cardbus controller. is that 
type 1? this is a sharp mv12w laptop, 1.13ghz.

>From: Timothy Polashek <tim@tdpmusic.com>
>It is great to see others have experienced this problem, and are trying
>to find a solution!

well... not so great that others experience the problem! a solution 
would be great..
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