[PlanetCCRMA] Planet Well done!

Andrea Glorioso andrea.glorioso@agnula.org
Sat Apr 3 16:43:02 2004

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Camacho <chris_camacho@yahoo.com> writes:

    > Does anyone know of any app or framework which will allow me to
    > save collections of synths, effects and their setting as one
    > project.  Will I really remember in 6 months time just how I
    > configured half a dozen different apps for a particular song...

In theory, LASH (the new name of the application formerly known as
LADCCA) should solve exactly this problem.  Not all applications
support LASH, however - although I suspect that, since there is a
library readily available, support for LASH won't wait a lot before
spreading around.

I'm not connected right now, so going by memory (and old files laying
around) I think 


is the old URL for LADCCA.  I don't know if it's the same for LASH,

I think LADCCA is already a part of PlanetCCRMA.


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