[PlanetCCRMA] mic preamps

Brad Stafford brad@archone.tamu.edu
Thu Apr 1 12:33:01 2004

Thanks for the reply Aaron and Mark....

Well as usual this has gotten more complicated that I thought it would.
I guess I need information on both mics and preamps. What I have at home is
a couple of Shure SM58's and a SM57.

What I want to do is record to CD a grand piano, a floor harp (5 feet tall),
a classical guitar and one voilin. The harp has a PZM mic connected to a
1/4" cable. I have been using the SM57 for the violin and a DI for the
guitar. The sound is very electric - not your normal rich tones that I would
really like to have.

Some articles on the internat talk about using two Crown CW-700's for the

We, the group, were thinking of buying the preamps and renting the expensive

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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> Brad Stafford wrote:
> > Anyone have suggestions for some really good mic preamps that 's best
> > value for the dollar?
> If you don't mind tranformerless inputs and are willing to undertake a bit
of a DIY project -- mounting in a box and building your own power supply, in
my opinion it is difficult to beat the Benchmark Media MP-3 Jack-Mounted
Preamp.  Excellent performance at about $100/channel.  See
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