[PlanetCCRMA] denemo,lilypond

Aaron aamehl@bezeqint.net
Tue Sep 30 13:43:01 2003

Hi all,
I noticed that denemo in the planet and wanted to comment on it.
Firstly I am not using any gui for music entry. My reasoning is as
follows: I was using denemo and loved its short cut keys. (VIM) But
found the going slow because with a gui you must worry about up and down
on the staff and note duration. With text editing (lilypond) I just
touch type.

That said. On the lilypond list denemo isn't well loved as a gui
frontend. There is however a branch of denemo that will open a lilypond
file (not a denemo file) and permit you to edit it as text or in the gui
at the sametime.

For those who want to use a text based system, lilypond has great
support for emacs including the ability to input to lilypond from a midi
keyboard or a virtual midi keyboard.
There is even a group of people working on an extension that will permit
the hearing of pitches as they are entered in lilypond as well as karoke
playback.(I think this is in the early stages of development still)

There is basic support for lilypond in gvim/vim as well.
Also lilypond comes with a bunch of converters from a bunch of other
formats including etf.
There is also a converter from musicxml to lilypond which is not part of
lilypond itself.

If someone wants I can dig up links to some of the things I mentioned