[PlanetCCRMA] Re: jack jack jack

Jonathan Segel jsegel@magneticmotorworks.com
Thu Sep 25 13:38:02 2003

>alex writes:
>if you get sound from the VIA onboard, i'd say it should work  :)  it
>sounds like you need some tuning. read on.


>  > second to this, trying to do hdparm won't work on this machine:
>>  HDIO_GET_MULTCOUNT failed: Invalid argument

>hmm. "readonly=1". are you sure you try to hdparm the right device?
>this looks like a cdrom player or so, not a harddisk. and if you have
>no cdrom in the drive, it cannot test the speed  :)

you're absolutely correct. here i was assuming that /dev/hda was my 
drive and /hdc was the cd-rom, but in fact they are reversed...? very 

amyway. now i can set /hdc to the right numbers and get
Timing buffer-cache reads: 128 MB in 0.24 seconds = 533.33 MB/sec
Timing buffered disk reads: 64 MB in 2.00 seconds = 32.00 MB/sec
  that seems pretty good.

>other things that come to mind:
>- do you boot the Low Latency kernel?
>- is the low-latency patch enabled?? (see instructions on the ccrma

yes, i am using the 2.4.20-20.1.caps.rh90

>- did you look at your irq settings ??? read this webpage for very
>good info on irq's and lots more:
>good luck, and keep us posted.

ok, this is interesting. cat /proc/interrupts lists the VIA8233 
(which is the audio thang) on 5: along with  usb-uhci and eth0 !
hmmm....that looks no good at all...
so i must go into bios to change this?

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