[PlanetCCRMA] planetcore Kernel on other distros

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Sep 24 09:49:01 2003

> I just want to start by saying thanks to Fernando (and everyone else
> involved) for providing such a great repository!  I am relatively new to
> Linux audio, but have been running Slackware for a number of years. 
> I've got most of the necessary audio apps running already on Slack, but
> I'm most interested in the custom kernel with low latency, etc.  I've
> tried to convert the kernel-source rpm to a tgz and then compile, but it
> does seem to be expecting things that only appear on a RedHat system. 
> So, I went to the kernel.src version and was rather amazed at the number
> of patches!  Is there an easy way to get all of these patches applied to
> the stock kernel?  Also, and I am no kernel expert by any means, but
> some of those patches seem to be pretty old (i.e. a number of 2.4.0
> patches are in there) - haven't these been incorporated into the later
> kernel versions?

It is a bit more complicated than that. The .src.rpm has all the patches
that RedHat applies to their kernel plus all the extra patches that I
apply. Not all of the RedHat patches are applied to the Planet CCRMA
kernel. There are "%if"'s that bracket the application of patches and
define what is applied to the Planet CCRMA kernel (search for Nando
Patchland or something like that in the spec file). 

> I suppose I'm looking for the most efficient way to
> get the latest PlanetCCRMA kernel running on Slackware.  I realize that
> the easiest way would be to switch over and install RedHat, and I'm sure
> that's what it will come to as I struggle with applying over a hundred
> patches, but I'm holding out hope that there may be an alternative. 

I got another request like this a few days ago. I guess I could run an
rpmbuild -bp, which only prepares the sources for building (including
applying all patches) and then tar _that_. Most probably you could use
that to build your kernel. Would this be useful?

-- Fernando