[PlanetCCRMA] MIDI on the RME Multiface

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Wed Sep 17 07:51:02 2003

> pmidi -l yields:
>  Port     Client name                       Port name
>   72:0     Rawmidi 1 -  MIDI 1                MIDI 1
>    72:32    Rawmidi 1 -  MIDI 1                MIDI 2
>     80:0     Virtual Raw MIDI 2-0              VirMIDI 2-0
>      81:0     Virtual Raw MIDI 2-1              VirMIDI 2-1
>       82:0     Virtual Raw MIDI 2-2              VirMIDI 2-2
>        83:0     Virtual Raw MIDI 2-3              VirMIDI
>        So, I try pmidi -p 72:0 [filename.mid]
>        And ...
>        pmidi -p 72:32
>        All I get is silence.
>        			Stumped in Silver Spring

Sure, but at lest you're in someplace nice called 'Silver Spring'! ;-)

Really though, to comment more I would need to understand your MIDI
hardware. To me this looks like you have two MIDI interfaces - 72 & 80.
(Don't ya just love Alsa?!) ;-) If 72:32 is a physical output, then can you
see MIDI events going out to an external synth? Does it have a MIDI activity
light? Most, but not all, do.

If VirMIDI is 'device' 80, and it's providing 4 virtual MIDI ports (I don't
use VirMIDI, so I don't know what it does) then you would still need to
connect that virtual MIDI port to a soft synth. Is a soft synth, like
Zynaddsubfx running? If it is, you still need kaconnect, or aconnect
commands at the command line, to connect the VirMIDI port to the soft synth
you want to drive.

Send back more info about your actually MIDI hardware, if any, and what soft
synths are loaded, and maybe the output of an aconnect command or two (man
aconnect) and we'll see what's wrong.

- Mark