[PlanetCCRMA] Agnula & Planet CCRMA: friends or foes?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Sep 14 17:00:03 2003

> I don't really know if it has been overdiscussed on this mailing list as some
> keyword seach facilities hasn't been yet implemented and i've only handbrowsed
> the late months threads: i do apologize for that.
> Do you think Agnula ReHMuDi or Planet CCRMA would interfere with or shadow
> each-others as both are based on the same distro, or do they really have
> different purposes, separate aims?

ReHMuDI's aim is to be a distribution (ie: you get one or more cdroms,
install it and off you go). Planet CCRMA installs on top of a working
RedHat install so it is not, technically speaking, a standalone distro
(though it could become one). Each approach has advantages and
disadvantages, obviously I think being an "add on" set of packages is
better but I'm hardly objective :-) I could expand on the pros and cons
if there is interest. 

There may be conflicts in packaging between the two but that is hardly
likely as most of ReHMuDI's audio and music packages are rebuilt
versions of the Planet CCRMA packages (I should look at the latest
version and see if I can spot problematic packages - I seem to remember
they had an "ardour" package of version 1.1 (!!?) which would be a
problem as the current official version is 0.9.0beta3... ).

> It seems Agnula are focusing their strengths on the DeMuDI distro (debian-based)
> as it's the only one of both for the moment to have a preview standalone
> version: does it have to be obviously related with my first question?
> I think i'll skip the choice process by using a dual-boot with both Planet CCRMA
> & DeMuDi...

Yup, no harm in trying more than one :-)
Have fun and keep us updated!
-- Fernando

PS: re the subject line... I'd say definitely friends :-)