[PlanetCCRMA] Choosing a right CD set to install Planet CCRMA

\"Mr.Freeze\" theremin@free.fr
Sun Sep 14 01:52:00 2003

I'm trying lately to get my hands on Linux-aided music, but i'm sad to confess
that choosing the right CD set to install Planet CCRMA is still a bit confusing
to my eyes.

If i have neither a Linux distro nor the Planet CCRMA files, but a DSL
connection, i should get "The Planet CCRMA RedHat install iso images" then i'll
be able to install Red Hat and manage to download the remaining files (Redhat
Updates & Planet CCRMA) thru apt-get, shouldn't i?

Why doesn't Planet CCRMA compute with other RPM-based distros such as Mandrake
or SuSe?

Why do you provide "The Planet CCRMA RedHat updates iso images" if it aims only
at upgrading Red Hat standard software, when they could do it?