[PlanetCCRMA] Alsa and softsynths

Ken Locarnini Ken Locarnini <renueden@earthlink.net>
Fri Sep 12 13:51:02 2003

I'm having problems using *any* soft synths in the newest Planet and alsa.  Audio works fine, XMMS etc.  I'm new at this too BTW.  I can call Timidity with a midi file and it plays fine, but if I set it up as an Alsa server it won't.  In Rose or Muse, the synths show up but won't play, Muse freezes.  Where do I start?
If I fire up AMS from a shell I get

LADSPA_PATH: /usr/lib/ladspa
can't set sched_setscheduler - using normal priority
Buffersize 1024 is not available on your hardware. Using 0 instead.
Cyclesize: 0 Periodsize: 0
Error setting HW params.