[PlanetCCRMA] Hints toward a basic audio-->CD setup

Howard, Chris HowardC@prpa.org
Mon Sep 8 11:08:02 2003


I know this is a pretty basic question.  Maybe
someone could fire back a quick answer offlist.

I am putting together a linux box (redhat 9.x)
to be used for burning CD's of sermons at my church.
We have a pretty good sound board, and I plan
on plugging into it as my audio source.
Our sound system is basically one mic at the podium,
so there's not much to fool around with.

I would like some suggestions on what applications
I can use that will be easy and will do a good job.
The ultimate would be one that has a big red button
marked 'record' and another that say's 'stop'.
I just want to record from the sound board, and burn
a cd that I could then hand to a church member
and be confident that they could play it in their
car or at home.